Advanced United Continent

Blockchain technology is transforming finance by introducing new and secure ways to manage money and payments.
From remittances to microloans, it is paving the way for a more efficient global financial system.
Our mission is to bridge the gap between regulated financial services and the world of blockchain.

Advanced United Continent Project

We empower the digital financial landscape to unlock the full potential of Blockchain technology and pave the way for a better tomorrow.
With AUC, settling your financial affairs has never been easier, safer, or more streamlined.
The future of finance is already at your doorstep, fueled by the unmatched capabilities of AUC.


About AUC

Advanced Project focuses on providing equitable solution to financially disadvantaged individuals in Africa and East Asia by leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in global payment and remittance markets.

How we reshape the future of finance

Advanced financial platforms consist of Payment Gateway, Advanced Point, Blockchain Identity and Authentication, and Big Data Analysis. In addition to their respective platform roles, these are interconnected to provide more secure and powerful capabilities.

Payment Railway

  • On/Offline simple payment
  • Domestic/Overseas remittance
  • Supports Mobile app, USSD, and Desktop
  • Various top-up methods
  • Purchase and Rewards
  • Low transaction fees
  • Issuance of en-Cash IC card

Decentralized Identification

  • Member registration (KYC, FICA, …)
  • Request credit and verification services
  • Allow list management (for AML)

Cash Digitisation

  • Deposit only ATM
  • Reduce CIT(cash in transit) risks and costs
  • Placement in rural areas where there are no bank branches

Blockchain Management

  • Wallet management
  • Main net core and Integration
  • Exchange swap (transaction)
  • Metamask, Trustwallet connection, etc.

Bigdata Analysis

  • Collects and filters transaction details of users and merchants
  • CTR, STR, AML analysis
  • Recommended item analysis
  • Credit rating analysis (transaction history, average balance, etc.)
  • Bank product recommendation and user recommendation (for bank subscription)

Advanced Digital
Financial Services

We strive to provide better, faster, and more affordable blockchain financial services by leveraging innovative solution and state-of-the-art technologies.


Advanced ECO System


Advanced Project supports online and offline payment with various features to minimize user’s inconvenience


Advanced Project provides domestic and overseas remittance using en-Cash and AUC token with low fees.

Social Enterprises

Supporting startup companies in Africa and Southeast Asia for sustainable development.

AUC Reward

AUC rewards are given to frequently used users through big data analysis
(Where to use AUC Rewards: utility bills, airtime, data, fines, etc.)


Core Application of Advanced Project: TIER

TIER User App
  • Easy and simple sign up
  • Mobile money en-Cash
  • Offers a variety of top-up methods
  • Provides various withdrawal methods
    *Designee withdrawal
  • QR payment function (with tipping function)
  • P2P transfer and QR payment
  • Points that can be used like cash are provided to the users who participates in various events
  • Rewards that can be used like cash are provided based on user’s verification status and activity index
TIER Merchant App
  • Simple merchant subscription (free subscription, installation fee X)
  • Provides easy QR payment and settlement functions
  • Designed so that street vendors can easily register and receive payments
  • Freed from complicated and expensive POS machines and card machines
  • Discount on settlement fee rate based on merchant verification level
  • If selected as the Ultimate Creditor, cash payment (withdrawal) to users is possible and various benefits are provided to merchants
  • Employee registration/deletion/management function
  • Provide tip receiving function


Offline Payment

Our payment services integrate existing cards, AUC tokens, and en-Cash top-up via bank transfer into an offline payment option through the AUC mobile app. Our merchant-exclusive app offers convenient and secure payment options with reduced transaction fees, benefiting both merchants and customers.


Online Payment

Advanced Project offers a payment API that enables seamless online payments by connecting various payment methods with financial companies.
These services are available for businesses of all sizes, from small e-commerce ventures to large enterprises, and are expected to drive revenue growth through increased customer acquisition.



The Advanced Project delivers sophisticated domestic remittance services using en-Cash and international remittance solutions employing AUC Tokens.
By leveraging en-Cash, you can enjoy a 0% commission fee, while for overseas transfers, AUC Tokens enable cost-effective transactions at significantly lower fees compared to traditional methods.



TIER has two distinct systems: certification reward points and activity reward points.

  • View Ads

    Points are given for viewing TIER's affiliate advertisements and Google advertisements.

  • Health Care Features

    Points are given according to the number of steps in the pedometer and according to the number of food pictures uploaded.

  • Event Participation

    Points are given when participating in various events provided by TIER.

  • TIER Main Functions

    Points are given whenever user uses various functions of TIER such as payment, transfer, and withdrawal.


Act to Earn (A2E)

Tier offers more than just financial services it provide users with various forms of rewards to make participation simple and enjoyable. In particular, Tier introduces in-app services that promote a healthy lifestyle, creating an environment in which users can earn profits simply by using the app.

Tier provides a step-tracking service that rewards users with points based on the number of steps taken when the app is active.

Tier offers a delightful experience of tracking daily food intake, viewing previous meals and calorie intake for each day,
and earning rewards while managing one’s diet.

Tier offers a delightful experience of tracking daily food intake, viewing previous meals and calorie intake for each day, and earning rewards while managing one’s diet.

The Advanced Project Blockchain Technology

Advanced Project boasts an exclusive, cutting-edge core technology that is specifically tailored for exceptional performance and minimal latency in regulated applications.


The Advanced Mainnet

The Advanced mainnet facilitates the establishment of public and private repositories, which function as a code hosting platform for developers to store and access the actual software program code for their respective projects. The public repositories are designed to foster a collaborative and open distributed infrastructure for dApps, while the private repositories offer a safe and controlled environment for developing dApps with confidentiality.

The Advanced Digital Assets

Digital assets serve as the foundation of the Advanced ecosystem, empowering users to seamlessly engage in transactions to acquire goods and services on the Advanced service platform.

Digital Assets

AUC Token

AUC tokens, utilized within the Advanced project network, facilitate seamless transaction, remittances, and cross –border value exchanges.
As an array of applications are served on the AUC tokens and user-base proliferates, the demand for AUC tokens is expected to soar, potentially driving higher value.

AUC Token

Token Name





6,000,000,000 AUC

Total supply

Digital Asset

Token Allocation

Token Sale 10%
Team & Advisors 10%
Operation 10%
Partnership 5%
Market Liquidity 30%
Reserved 20%
Ecosystem 15%

Digital Assets

Use of Funds


Marketing and customer acquisition


Operation costs



Digital Assets

en-Cash Point

en-Cash digital point serve as on off-chain system that empowers participants in the Advanced ecosystem to engage in real-life transactions.
Functioning as a payment service specialized network, en-Cash interacts with the ERC20-based Advanced network through a distinct consensus algorithm, facilitating seamless communication between public and off-chain networks in multifarious ways.


Advanced Roadmap

2023 3Q

Technology Advancement

  • TIER app V2.0 launching
  • Bigdata analysis system implementation
  • AUC blockchain testnet open

2023 4Q

Extension of Main Business

  • Complete extend AUC reward capabilities
  • AUC mainnet launching
  • Allowing acceptance of en-Cash by merchants in East Asia
  • Providing e-commerce crypto payment system
  • O2O business expansion
  • Remittance service area expansion


Advance to New Market

  • AI, Bigdata development
  • Provide personal credit data
  • Continuous global merchant expansion through AUC and en-Cash
  • 3rd party developer tools support interoperability with multiple blockchains on AUC mainnet