Blockchain for Next Financial system Blockchain technology enables entirely new ways of managing money and facilitating payments with ease. From remittances to microloans and more, blockchain technology is ushering in a more efficient and secure global financial infrastructure. We're bridging the gap between regulated financial services and the world of blockchain .

Advanced United Continent Project

We enable the digital financial solutions world, to deliver the future of Blockchain.
AUC offers you a simple, efficient, and safe way to settle your financial life.
The future is already here, powered by AUC.


The AUC is a project that starts with the financially underprivileged people in Africa and East Asia and combines blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into the global payment and remittance markets to provide relative solutions to users.

How we reshape
the future of finance

AUC Platform | AUC financial platforms consist of Payment Gateway, Advanced Point,
Blockchain Identity and Authentication, and Big Data Analysis. In addition to their respective platform roles,
these are interconnected to provide more secure and powerful capabilities. 


AUC Digital
Financial Services

We supply and build better Blockchain Financial services
faster, safer and with lower fees.

Offline Payment

The offline payment method among simple payment services can be used by integrating payment methods such as existing cards,
newly issued IC cards, points, etc. into the AUC mobile app, and payment can be made simply by using POS existing in the merchant.  

Online Payment

AUC provides a payment API for simple online payments, providing services that connect more payment methods to financial companies.
These services can be utilized from small e-commerce to large businesses, and the revenue impact of more customers can be expected. 


AUC provides domestic remittance (en-Cash) and overseas remittance (AUC) services.
Domestic remittances can be used for 0% commission, and when remittances are made overseas,
you can easily exchange en-Cash for AUC token at the crypto asset service provider operated by AUC project.

The AUC Blockchain Tech

AUC’s core technology is proprietary, market leading and designed specifically for
high performance, low latency regulated applications. 

The AUC Mainnet

AUC’s core technology is proprietary, market leading and designed specifically for
high performance, low latency regulated applications.

Digital Assets

Digital assets are the basis for the AUC ecosystem
AUC digital assets are used as a means of transaction to
purchase goods and services within the AUC service platform.


en-Cash Point

en-Cash digital points are the off-chain system that can be used in real life by participants in the AUC ecosystem. The en-Cash is built as a network specialized in payment services and interworks with the ERC20-based AUC network using a separate consensus algorithm. It can communicate between public and off-chain networks in a variety of ways.  



Advanced United Continent

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